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 Theory of Computation,
 Dept. Math. Sci., December (2023)     Slides      
  On Graph-based Isoperimetric Clustering,
  IPM NIC1400,  January  (2022).     Slides      
  Challenges of an Undergraduate Program in Mathematical Sciences: a student's viewpoint,
  Sharif University of Technology,  November  (2021).     Slides      
   A Concise History of Computation,
   Manuscript (draft: comments are appreciated!),  November  (2021).    Article
   Challenges of a Graduate Program in Mathematical Sciences: a student's viewpoint,
   Sharif University of Technology,  December  (2020).     Slides        Video
  Theoretical Computer Science: past, present and future,
   IRI Academy of Science,  February  (2018).    Slides
  Tree-cylinders (what they can do for you!),
  Isfahan University of Technology, May  (2018).    Slides
  On Random Lifts and Expansion,
   July  (2017).    Slides
  Spectral Extremality, Tensor-like Constructions and Commutativity in Graphs,
   December  (2016).    Slides
  Cylindrical Construction,
   February  (2015).    Slides
  Tropical Algebras, Idempotent Analysis and System Theory,
   February  (2015).    Slides
  The Metamathematics of Domain Theory and Beyond,
   MACS2015, IPM-Isfahan, April  (2015).    Slides
  On Homomorphisms to the Five-Cycle,
   IPM, May (2015).   Slides
  On Discrete Isoperimetry Problems,
   September  (2014).    Slides(I)   Slides(II)  Slides(III)
  Graph Based Clustering: old and new,
   February  (2014).    Slides
  Some Old and New Open Questions in Discrete Isoperimetry Problems,
   May   (2014).    Slides
  Discrete Isoperimetry in Action,
   3rd Frontiers in Mathematical Sciences, December  (2014).    Slides
  On Higher Cheeger Inequalities (a computational approach),  
  Sharif University of Technology,  Feb. 3, (2013).  Slides
  Characterizing Combinatorially Max-Supergeometric Trees,
   September  (2013).    Slides
  Dioids, Systems and Categories,
   June  (2011).    Slides
  On Some Theoretical Aspects of Soft Computing, 
  11th Iranian Conference on Fuzzy Systems,  Zahedan, Iran,  July 4-6, (2011).   Slides
  Do Graphs Admit Topological Field Theories,   
  IUT Combinatorics Day,  Feb. 23, (2011).   Slides
  Interdisciplinary Research, 
  IRI Academy of Science, Oct. 7, (2010).   Slides     Article
  Spectral Geometry in Discrete Case, 
  SIMPA-UNESCO-IPM School on recent topics in geometric analysis, May  (2006).   Slides
  Fuzziness in Graphs and Their Morphisms, 
  6th Iranian Conference on Fuzzy Systems, Shiraz, Iran,   May (2006).
  Spectral Geometry on Graphs and Surfaces, 
  AIMC35,  Shahid-Chamran Univ.,  Ahvaz, Iran,  Jan. (2005).
  A Generalization of L-fuzzy Sets and its Application in General System Theory, 
  5th Iranian Conference on Fuzzy Systems,  Tehran, Iran,  Sep.  (2004).   Slides
  Random Walks on Graphs: theory and applications,  
   7th Iranian Statistical Conference, Allameh Tabatabaie Univ., Tehran, Iran, August (2004).   Slides
  Spectral Analysis of Networks, 
  Sharif Univ. of Tech., Tehran, Iran,  Jan. (2004).
  Some New Concepts in Graph Colouring, 
   in Proceedings of the First Seminar in Graph Theory, Combinatorics and Computational Algorithms,
  Amir-Kabir University 31st Jan.  - 1st Feb. (2001), Tehran Iran.
  Some Aspects of Modern Cryptography, 
   2nd Iranian Society of Cryptology Conference, 21st - 22nd  Oct. (2003), Tehran, Iran.
   A General Model for I/O System Theory, 
   Proceedings of AIMC31, Tehran University 27--30 Aug 2000, Tehran, Iran.
   On the Fixing Number of Graphs, 
  Combinatorics Day VIII, (IPM) July 28th, 1998.
  On Fractional Hall Numbers and Fractional Choice Numbers,
  Combinatorics Day VIII, (IPM) July 28th, 1998.
  Forcing and Graph Colourings
  Combinatorics Day VII,  (IPM) Dec. 17th, 1997.
  Forcing Structures and Uniquely Colourable Graphs, 
  AIMC28, March 28th -- 31st 1997.
  General Theory of Translation Invariant Systems, 
  AIMC25, March 28th -- 31st 1994.
  Design of Secure Systems
  Sharif University of Technology, July 31st -- August 4th, 1993.
  Public-key Cryptography, 
  Sharif University of Technology, July 31st -- August 4th, 1993.
  Analysis and Design of Stream Ciphers, 
  Sharif University of Technology, July 31st -- August 4th  1993.
  On Complete Lattice-Ordered Groups, 
   Combinatorics Day III, (IPM) April, 1st, 1993.