Nezam Mahdavi-Amiri

Email: nezamm[at]sharif[dot]edu
Tel: +98-21- 66165607
Fax: +98-21-66005117

Offices Held

2017-2018: Vice President-Research, Ghiasoddin Jamshid Kashani  University

2014-2017: President, Ghiasoddin Jamshid Kashani  University

2012-2014: Vice President-Research, Ghiasoddin Jamshid Kashani  University

2011-2015: Chairman of Computer Science Department, Faculty of Mathematical Sciences

2007-2011: Director of National Scientific University Olympiads (16 University Olympiads in Sci- ence, Engineering, Social Sciences and Arts)

2004-Present: Chairman of the Committee for the International Scientific University Olympiad in Mathematics

2006–2008: Associate Dean For Research

1994–96,  1998–2000, 2004–2006: Associate Dean for Graduate Studies

2000–2002: Dean of Faculty of Mathematical Sciences

1994: Associate Dean for Research

1992–93: University Research Director

1991–92: Faculty Representative in Charge of Research Affairs