Mohammad-Hadi Foroughmand-Araabi

Office: Room 210
Telephone: +98 21 6616 6054
Email: foroughmand AT sharif [dot] edu

کنگره هنر
هوشنگ اعرابی
مهدی اعرابی
مهدی فروغمند اعرابی
هوشنگ فروغمند اعرابی
هومن اعرابی
Hooman Araabi
Hooshang Araabi
Hooshang Foroughmand Araabi
Mehdi Foroughmand Araabi
Mehdi Araabi


Courses Fall 1399-00:

Operation Research
Optimization for Data Science

Courses Fall 1396-97:

Data Structures
Online Optimization & Learning

Courses Spring 1396-97:

Introduction to Combinatorial Optimization
Convex Optimization
Spectral Graph Algorithms

Courses Fall 1396-97:

Java Programming
Approximation Algorithms

Courses Spring 1395-96:

Operating Systems, 
Convex Optimization for Fast Graph Algorithms

Courses Fall 1395-96:

Graph Algorithms
Expander Graphs

Courses Spring 1394-95:

Seminar on Algorithmist's Toolkit (for more information please refer to here)
Seminar on CS in BIO

Courses Fall 1394-95:

Combinatorial Optimization (Fall 1394-95)
Mathematics Lab (Fall 1394-95)
Introduction to Computer Science (Fall 1394-95)
Seminar on Theory of Machine Learning (Fall 1394-95)

Courses Spring 1393-94:

Analysis of Algorithms (Spring 1393-94)
Computational Complexity (Spring 1393-94)
Machine Learning Theory (Spring 1393-94)