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Goals and Courses

In these programs, undergraduate students acquire a basic knowledge of mathematical principles, as well as an understanding of computational and applied mathematics. The undergraduate program aims to train students who are either eager to pursue professional careers, based on their chosen field of study or prefer to follow advanced graduate studies towards higher education. To obtain a B.Sc. degree in Mathematical Sciences, all students are required to complete the stipulated number of credit hours as specified by the university and the particular department.  The two programs offered in the department are described below:

1) B.Sc. in Mathematics

Mathematics itself comprises two branches: Theoretical and Industrial. After the first two academic years, every student in this program is entitled to select one of these two branches to pursue the education at a Bachelor’s level.

  1. A) Industrial Mathematics

The program includes 135 credits at B.Sc. level. Besides the overall Bachelor program’s objectives noted above, the curriculum is planned to furnish the students with the opportunity to acquire relatively effective expertise and skills needed in other sciences or engineering fields.

  1. B) Theoretical Mathematics

The curriculum for this program is devised to provide access to effective expertise in different fields of mathematics whether pure, applied or computational.

2) Computer Science

The curriculum is developed to help students acquire scientific and technical backgrounds in modeling and solving problems related to computer architecture, computer-based systems, theoretical computer science, scientific computing and other related fields of study.

Careers in Mathematical Sciences

Students holding a degree in Mathematical Sciences go on to a wide range of activities after graduation. Graduate school in mathematics, physics, computer science, finance, or engineering are among their options. Some begin careers in investment banking, consulting, or software engineering.