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Published and Accepted Papers

  1. Division Algebras with Left Algebraic Commutators, M. Aaghabali, M.H. Bien, Algebras and Representation  Theory,  to  appear.
  2. Highly Edge-Connected Factors Using Given Lists on Degrees, with M. Hasanvand, K. Ozeki, J. Graph Theory, to  appear.
  3. Graphs with total domatic number at least two, with M. Motiei, S. Mozaffari, S. Yazdanbod, Discussiones   Mathematicae   Graph   Theory,   to appear.
  4. Equimatchable Regular Graphs, with A.H. Ghodrati, M.A. Hosseinzadeh, A. Iranmaesh, J. Graph Theory (2018), V.87,  35-45.
  5. On the Structure of the Power Graph and the Enhanced Power Graph of a Group, with G. Aalipour, P. J. Cameron, R. Nikandish, F. Shaveisi, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, the electronic  journal  of  combinatorics  24(3)  (2017),   #P3.16.
  6. Imprimitivity Index of the Adjacency Matrix of Digraphs, with A.H. Ghodrati, M.A. Hos- seinzadeh, Linear Algebra and its Appl.  (2017) V. 517, 15, 1-10.
  7. The Co-annihilating-ideal Graphs of Commutative Rings, with A. Alilou, J. Amjadi, S.M. Sheikholeslami,  Canadian  Mathematical  Bulletin,  Canad.   Math.   Bull.   60  (2017),   3-11.
  8. Co-maximal Graphs of Subgroups of Groups, with B. Miraftab, R. Nikandish, Canadian Mathematical Bulletin, Canad.  Math.  Bull.  60 (2017),  12-25.
  9. On the structure of graphs having a unique k-factor with A.H Ghodrati, M.A. Hosseinzadeh, Australasian  J.  Combin.   69(1)  (2017),  63-73.
  10. Some Results on the Intersection Graph of Submodules of a Module, with H.A. Tavallaee, S. Khalashi  Ghezelahmad,  Mathematica  Slovaca  (2017)  69  Issue  2,  297–304.
  11. Graphs with integer matching polynomial zeros, with P. Csikvri, A. Ghafari, S. Khalashi Ghezelahmad,  M.  Nahvi,  Discrete  Applied  Mathematics,  224,  2017,  1-8.
  12. Complexity of the Improper Twin Edge Coloring of Graphs, with P. Abedin, S.M. Demange, T. Ekim, Graphs and Combinatorics, 2017, Volume 33,   595-615.
  13. Zero-sum flows for triple systems, with A.C. Burgess, P. Danziger, E. Mendelsohn, Discrete Math., Volume 340, Issue 3, (2017),  416-425.
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  16. 0-Sum and 1-Sum Flows in Regular Graphs, with M. Kano, S. Zare, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics  23(2)  (2016),   P2.37.
  17. Permanents of Matrices over Roots of Unity, with M. Ariannejad, Z. Tajfirouz, Linear and Multilinear  Algberas  64  (2016),  no.9, 1769-1755.
  18. On the Cayley graph of a commutative ring with respect to its zero-divisors, with G. Aalipour, Comm.  Algebra  44  (2016),  no.4, 1433-1459.
  19. Modules with Finitely Many Submodules, with S.K. Ghezelahmad, E. Yaraneri, Algebra Col- loquium  23  (2016),  no.3, 463-468.
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  23. Decompositions of graphs into trees, forests, and regular subgraphs, with T.R. Jensen, M. Siggers,  Discrete  Math.  338  (8)  2015, 1322-1327.
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  25. The Chromatic Index of a Claw-Free Graph Whose Core has Maximum Degree 2, with M. Ghanbari,  K.  Ozeki,  Graphs  Combin.   31  (2015),  no.4, 805-811.
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  35. On the Finiteness of Noetherian Rings with Finitely Many Regular Elements, with F. Hey- dari,  Communications  in  Algebra,  42  (2014),  no.  7, 2869-2870.
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